August 28, 2012

peachy keen

Peaches arrived early this year, as did nearly everything else. We got our first batch in our CSA from our local orchard. They were incredibly tender & ripe & great for eating out of hand the first week, then juicy & melting & ready for something else the next.

I found a delicious & simple recipe for peach chutney, substituting umeboshi vinegar for the apple cider variety & leaving out the salt. The resulting sauce is sweet, sour & spicy, & fragrant with fresh ginger & cardamom. Even better, it refrigerates in a sealed jar for up to 6 months, so we'll be able to savour the taste of summer when the snow flies.

recipe here

August 25, 2012

happy weekend

May it be sweet!

August 24, 2012

aged to perfection

Of all the eras of fashion, the 1940s remains my favorite. The sophistication of the cuts & drapes, the masterful details, the feminine strength & overall glamour are timeless & flattering. And the bullet bras! All of these ensembles still look fresh to me, & I would gladly wear them today.

from here

August 23, 2012

raising a little hell

This past week I was away in New York on business; got to spend some time with some super lovely & talented people, enjoying spicy cucumber margaritas & trading stories. Filled my early mornings & evenings perambulating about Hell's Kitchen, a part of town that has a singular charm & authenticity that I really appreciate. Back in my little green wonderland in Vermont, I feel inspired & ready to dive into myriad projects I've had on the back burner, & new ideas that were more than I could write down. There's no drug like New York.

August 18, 2012

happy weekend

Spent a lovely evening in the midst of good music & good people. Now, off to New York for a few days - looking forward to the buzzing hive. Cheers!

lucky 13

time certainly flies when you're in love...

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August 15, 2012

from one end of the world

Just spent a fun & relaxing string of days with family at the cabin in the Northern Adirondacks: good food, great company, kayaking, hiking, cocktails on the screened-in porch overlooking the water, & waking up to the sound of loons calling every morning; no phones, no internet, no traffic noise. I will certainly draw on this in the busy weeks to come...

August 9, 2012

symbols + rituals

Paul Berbera's photographs of Symbols + Rituals'  atelier capture the creative team's eye for great form & the stylishly exotic. Their collections of elegantly simple made & found objects hint at mysterious origins & rich histories, & shout great taste.

 from where they create

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August 6, 2012

hunter gatherer

I'm smitten with the enchanting jewelry pieces & adornments by Giligili: whimsical & lyrical, they seem like keepsakes collected from fairytale voyages through mountains, fields & seas.

According to Gili Doliner:

I find inspiration in things such as going to the supermarket in a foreign country, putting a smile on the face of someone who's upset, little notes left on the refrigerator, getting lost in the streets of a city on purpose, other people's treasure chest, the smart man from the fish stand in the market, a dress I found on the street, pink food, making someone else taste something he never tried before and discovering a new world to him.