July 29, 2011

July 28, 2011

diy details

After of a sweet little flower shop renovation. Love the contrast of the wood & white laminate flooring, & the vein of mirrored tile that seams them together. The dark, rough-hewn molding juxtaposed against bright white & the pendant lights made from exhaust fans are simply wonderful.

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July 26, 2011


or as Greer so aptly & simply said:


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July 25, 2011

summer feasting

Vanilla ice cream with local, organic blueberries & blackberries freshly picked from our secret berry patch along a favorite hiking trail, & simple salsa cruda from our own home-grown cilantro & local veggies, with the exception of the jalapeño, although we do anticipate Cory's delicious peppers to appear at the farmer's market any day now. We grilled our own zucchini last night, & it was incredible how sweet & buttery it tasted. Heaven.

July 23, 2011

happy weekend

A heat wave has crept into the Northeast, which has translated into chilled drinks of many stripes (coffee, sauvignon blanc, mineral water, lemonade), a menu that doesn't require much in the way of cooking (& verily, meant much in the way of take-out), & not much physical activity. I'm looking forward to when the heat breaks on Sunday & family comes over for a cook-out; perhaps we'll even get a hike in earlier in the day. We harvested our garlic on a relatively cool morning (21 this year), & are reveling in the fact that our basil is much happier in this weather (at least something is!). I see pesto in our near future... 

July 19, 2011

full rein

If I had a horse, one of these gorgeous hand-tooled halters would be the star of his wardrobe.

Linny Kenney, a professional vocalist & musician, learned the art of leather working from a master while living in California. She & her Arabian horse, Sojourner, & best friend, Walter, embarked on a road trip in 2010, riding the 3,700 miles across the United States from her current home in California, to her childhood home in New Hampshire. She & Walter fell in love during the journey & have since married, a fact I found even more poignant when I read that she had dedicated her travels to divorce-related depression.

Be sure to visit her etsy shop to see the beautiful pieces she crafts for humans, too. I am quite smitten with the winged cuff...

find Linny's blog here

July 18, 2011

a stately manner

These floors are killing me.

& that ceiling isn't too bad, either. Great light, simple, raw pieces like the saw horses & wire & wood shelving, a mismatched collection of chairs around the dining table, refined upholstered seating, eclectic collection of artwork strewn on glowing white walls paired with deep, rich colors. Books! & my gad, that dressing room. It's for sale; wonder if the shoe collection comes with...?

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July 15, 2011

happy weekend

Sunday is World Listening Day. We'll start listening on Saturday... I know some people performing... then on Sunday streaming live from the underground studio... keep your ears open...

July 14, 2011

dear deer

While sitting outside & perusing the web for photos of hairstyles (I'm contemplating keeping the length & getting a fringe), I came across these charming photos of Audrey Hepburn with her deer, Pippin, or Ip for short, a most fitting pet for a lithe & leggy creature as Hepburn. As always, I'm struck by her grace & style, & the shots with glimpses of her home decor. Classic & classy.

July 12, 2011

sticks and bricks

Pioneer Valley shop sticks and bricks, run by a talented duo who rescues old furniture & gives pieces new life by reupholstering & refinishing them, adding their unique artistic touches: poems hammered onto tabletops with letterpress tiles; flowers & designs etched into surfaces, then left raw when the rest of the piece is painted or stained; shelves & cupboards re-imagined into quirky & comely different functional pieces.

I always make a point of stopping in when in Northampton, Massachusetts, to see the latest projects they've dreamed up, as well as browse their wonderful collection of jewelry, housewares & art made by local artists & artisans.

The sticks and bricks team also did the interior design along with a team of local artisans for local café roost - worth checking out for its beautiful farmhouse-industrial chic.

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July 9, 2011

happy weekend

Posts have been few & far between as of late, as I forge ahead with new ways to get the word out about a fantastic local business which supports important & invaluable services, while assisting with their window & in-store displays, & concoct my latest plans here... I do hope to get back into a more regular blogging schedule next week. Until then, a photo I took of a smoke bush that I see on my walk home. Happy, inspiring weekend!

July 8, 2011


Death of Buddha by Myouson, 1325

Death of St. Francis by Giotto, 1325
Same year, similar compositions, subjects & rendered emotions, vastly different cultures.

images from here and here, respectively

July 4, 2011

happy weekend

16 sweet years for J & I as a couple. Let the fireworks begin! Happy weekend, all, & happy & safe celebrations!