July 30, 2012


New in the shop: prism scrimshaw pendants, strung on delicate copper & brass chains. Colorful, abstract & modern; more to come soon.

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July 28, 2012

happy weekend

Feasting, dancing & love. Misty hilltops. Cheers!

July 27, 2012

blueprints of memory

Slovenian artist Miha Strukelj's site-specific installation, created for the Invisible Cities exhibition at MassMoCA, is comprised of intricate architectural line drawings of a city that he deems "imaginary", only in that it is a composite of many different cities he has visited or lived in. Exploring how memory relates to our experience of place, Strukelj starts with photographs he has taken in various cities around the world, then patches them together to create a wholly new urban space.

The drawings are noticeably devoid of people; Strukelj leaves a blank space where humans had appeared in his photographs, illustrating the flux of people & their constant movement within the relative stillness of the architecture. For MassMoCA's installation, Strukelj used the space to create three-dimensional elements by adding cables that extend his drawn lines into the physical space of the room, further enveloping the viewer in the piece itself.

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photos by yours truly

July 25, 2012

drawing rooms

From the cave paintings of La Grotte de Lascaux, to the abundance of frescoes that burgeoned in monasteries & cathedrals during the Renaissance, to Jean Cocteau's murals in La Villa Santo Sospir and Chapelle Saint Blaise des Simples, to modern conceptual drawings by Sol Lewitt & beyond, humans have over the years transformed their ceremonial, public & living spaces by incorporating artwork into the very structure of the space itself.

I'm very taken with these simple & graceful drawings by the mysterious contemporary poet, L.P. Promenheur. The undulating lines & natural forms bring the outside in, creating intimate spaces that are a personal blend of art, iconography, architecture & the outdoors.

photos by Eric Morin via Le Style et la Matiére

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July 20, 2012

happy weekend


I love photobooth shots. Who doesn't? Such magical lighting, makes everyone look famous & other-worldly.

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I actually have a completely different idea for these vintage teardrop pendants, which will be unveiled soon. But, in the meantime, I found myself inspired by a mysterious poet & the caves of Lascaux to create this sketchy little number. The pits & flecks in the bone make it look almost as though it were an ink drawing with a wash, or charcoal drawing. Anyhow, I quite like it. Perhaps I will do another series of pendants based on overlaid simple line drawings; we shall see.

July 16, 2012

sultry summer days

Another heat wave has descended upon us, which may be just as well since I injured my back & must slow down & allow it to heal (ha! easier said than done - I think my patience ran out after all of one day). I'm sad to miss out on showing some new friends who are visiting from across the pond around our beautiful surroundings.

Fresh line-dried muslin sheets, which I'd hand-stamped with one of my favorite antique Indian woodblocks, helped keep us cool & our little sleeping nook cheerful, & will hopefully help melt my grumpiness away. That, good films & iced drinks (with a kick) should do the trick for a bit. Well, here's to un-planned mini-vacations of sorts!

July 13, 2012

happy weekend

Slow down, recuperate, appreciate.

July 11, 2012

new revolutionists

Laura Burhenn, singer-songwriter & frontwoman for the Mynabirds, has launched a photographic campaign to capture images of modern female revolutionaries. Launched in conjuction with their latest album, Generals, The New Revolutionists was inspired by the album's namesake photograph, Richard Avedon's The Generals of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Unlike the rather smug looking woman bedecked in their sashes & finery, Burhenn's vision of a revolutionary is someone who is ready for action, & not afraid to get their hands dirty in the process. The portraits she is collecting are commissioned on a nominative basis, and, according to Burhenn:

... are visually inspired by Avedon’s classic portraiture, Native American and soldier portraits, and iconic photos of notable women who are looking directly into the camera with an intensity, a ferocity — total and clear vision — and power. The image is meant to capture the spirit of a woman the instant before she would go into a metaphoric battle for everything she believes in.
...this project aims to shine a light on women making a difference — often on shoestring or nonexistent budgets — in their own communities all over America, despite the powers that be.

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July 4, 2012

summer love

We topped off the weekend with a lovely family cook out - lots of catching up & laughter, & enjoying the lush beauty of New England in the summertime. My niece is growing into a beautiful young woman. Happy 4th!