February 25, 2011

happy weekend

Looks like I spoke a little too soon about spring's imminence...

A foot of dense snow is descending upon us, & I must admit, I like it.

Stay safe & cozy, & enjoy what you've got.

February 24, 2011

golden ink

The advent of spring (truly, it's not that far away) has visions of classic color combinations dancing in my head, especially deep golds & inky blues paired with crisp whites. Picture: a Breton shirt paired with a marigold scarf. A Mediterranean village. Windowpanes & domes painted a deep cyan on a Greek island. The streets of Jodhpur.

These wonderful pieces by team Katherine Wheeler & Abby Seymour of Goldenink are hand-painted & fired beauties, each a one-of-a-kind piece of art perfect to herald warmer days. 

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a further feast for the eyes: photos of rich gold & blue garb on the streets of London here

February 22, 2011

this is beautiful

Extract from a c. 1980 Thumri recital with the legendary Girija Devi with Subhen ji & Ramesh ji

February 21, 2011

creating at home

Beautiful space, beautiful creations & beautiful creators. These are the talented women behind The Jewels of New York, a catering company that has both their product & aesthetic down. Not only do I love their mouth-watering & visually striking approach to creating menus based on local & seasonal offerings, their space is definitely a place in which I could feel at home & creative. Gorgeous.

Paul Barbera's ambient photographs of their home kitchen are part of his Where They Create project, where he visits artists & photographs the spaces they work in. As he states in his notes, this particular foray, being different than the usual style story he seeks out, is the very reason he likes it.

Just the inspiration I need as I embark on my own little venture... 

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more photos of their home here

February 18, 2011

happy weekend

The thermometer says 50 60ºF here today, & as snow & ice are crashing off the neighborhood roofs, banks are taking on soft, marshmallowy curves as the sun beats down on them. Next week they've forecast temperatures in the teens again, so while this photo may be jumping the gun, it feels like spring isn't hopelessly far away.

Have a lovely weekend!

February 16, 2011

choose wisely

This is right on...

made my day!

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wintry greens

Jürgen Becker
Marianne Majerus
Marianne Majerus

from here
Piet Oudolf designs ethereal gardens that you can enjoy in the wintertime, with plantings that have hearty stalks & flowers that retain their form throughout the cold, dormant months. As long as you don't get buried under several feet of snow, what a wonderful approach to landscape design.

Be sure to check out the slideshow & article here

February 15, 2011

guapo ombre

I love this wallpaper from Eskayel. The water-color effect reminds me of gorgeous hand-dyed Japanese Shibori fabrics. But I especially love the ombre stain technique on the wooden table, & its rough-hewn ends. Wowza.

February 14, 2011

in the name of love

Happy, happy Valentine's Day to you all! 

Xocolatl truffles & dark chocolate bonbons with a blood orange & prosecco ganache to help celebrate the day.

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February 11, 2011

happy weekend

As I watch the events in Egypt unfold, first with bated breath mixed with hope & no small sense of anxiety, then with jubilation, I am simultaneously concocting some sweet & celebratory filled chocolates for the Monday holiday. Sending out thoughts of love & harmony worldwide...

February 10, 2011

this is beautiful

The sublime photographs of Mike Mabes, whose equally sublime home can be seen below. His photos feel so natural & unobtrusive, lending both the ordinary & extraordinary moments he captures a simultaneously magical & authentically "candid" appeal.

old world

 The Brooklyn home of of photographer Mike Mabes, whose fantastic eye is exemplified in the ensuing post, is evident in his living space as well. With the exception of the munitions hung & strewn casually about (which I am assured are not real), I recognize many elements I choose to live with in my own home: books, trunks, heirloom furniture showing its age, art, vintage cameras, travel mementos & stuff everywhere, like a tiny & personal museum spanning generations, & in Mike's case, all beautifully displayed.

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