June 14, 2010


The Mister & I got away for several days, & drove up through the Green Mountains to one of our favorite cities. Montréal has been our vacation spot of choice for years now, & has never disappointed. We spend our days eating, walking, going to museums, hearing live music, & lolling in the many parks. I get to use my rusty French, & we don our more citified shoes & clothing pulled out from the back of our closets.

Montréal was also the city of my childhood, the nearest urban center where we used to go as a family & with school groups to take in museums & french cuisine (not to mention poutine!). Then, as a teenager, it was a place to go dancing & to bars where the drinking age was younger, & the bartenders, well, more lenient. Things have changed from the days of Tiki bars with cloyingly sweet mixed drinks & bad 80s cover bands. Although I hold those memories dear, the city feels like a new & fresh place, revisiting it in my adulthood.

Merci, á Montréal...

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