July 8, 2010

chic to spare

A minimalist I am not. Anyone who has visited our home can tell you that we do not live a spare life. We own close to 1500 books, a variety of musical instruments including an upright piano, a herd of pottery, more paintings than we have walls & more chairs than we need on a daily basis, but which come in handy when friends come by.

Which is why this flat caught my eye...

I find I am often drawn to Parisian interiors, & this one in particular especially grabbed me. I love how unstyled & lived in it looks, striking what I find to be the perfect balance between minimal & collected, old & new design, time-worn & refurbished, personal & stylish, not looking as though it was put together in a DWR or Ikea shopping jag.

The airy bedroom linens, crisp gray kitchen cabinets & overall spareness co-habitating with piles of books, cd's, collected objects & groups of cushions & chairs make me swoon.

And, oh! Those floors!

The black tiles are such a classy choice. & oh, how I fancy a bath with no shower curtain - revelation!

If I were to move in, I would imagine myself hanging or leaning more artwork on those lovely, expansive walls, so perhaps it's a good thing I don't live here; that way it is not possible that I muddle up the beautiful openness & balance the owners have achieved.

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