August 2, 2010

art & home

I like to see the hand in things, not only in artwork, but in the decorative & practical items that I live with in my home. Artist David Weidman & his wife Dorothy have made a lifelong practice of that imperative, having designed & built their Los Angeles home themselves in the 1950s, many of the decorative details & art pieces made by Mr. Weidman. Interspersed are souvenirs from their travels & life together, creating a very lively & personal space, with a flavor that is unmistakably Southern Californian.

David Weidman's silkscreens are vibrant & playful, & now that mid-century graphic styles are experiencing a renaissance, his work is deservedly getting attention once again. Case in point, Urban Outfitters is carrying a line of cushions emblazoned with his vivid prints.

I love how he talks about his art & process, which may be summed up by the title of a book from Ginkgo Press, a career retrospective now in its 3rd edition since 2008, "The Whimsical Works of David Weidman and Also Some Serious Ones."
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  1. Great post. Great house! I used one of his screen print art works on an interior I did in San Francisco. The work of the hand, although distinctive of the period in which it was made, is really timeless.

  2. Agreed - & thank you, Sylvie!

    Did you publish photos of the interior in SF?


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