July 20, 2010

a bird in hand

I was always aware that I loved birds, but it wasn't until putting up artwork when we first moved into our home that I realized a good number of our pieces have birds in them. Now, I do realize that a few years ago bird motifs in the design world were all the rage, but our collection predates that time & has to do with the fact that I've long had a thing for feathered creatures.

Anna Wili-Highfield's gorgeous work would be very much at home in our little aviary.

Her charming sculptures made from torn paper so aptly capture the lightness & grace of her feathered subjects.

images from here

Love of birds runs in the family; while studying ornithology as an undergrad I spent some afternoons at the Cornell University Lab of Ornithology, a particular thrill for me as my Grandmother helped collect some of the specimens for their waterfowl collection. In fact, the much beloved photograph on the banner of this blog shows her in action...

Ella in the 1930s

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