July 23, 2010

vast elegance

Something tells me I might be hankering for more space... the interiors that have been calling to me as of late are vast spaces that swoop up to high ceilings with windows to match in scale, & wide swaths of open floor.

Case in point is gallerist Thomas Andre's Berlin-Grunewald home. I love how all of the elements work together here: the floors are to die for, as well as the unusual tiled ceiling that echoes the parquetry in the first photo; graceful & airy Mies & Platner chairs & tables dotted throughout keep the space feeling open while functional for small groups or a small crowd. A collection of paintings leaning against & lining walls always gets my vote, and, being a gallerist, he doesn't disappoint.

Elegant & comfortable, I can picture many a gathering taking place in this handsome abode; as long as the little masked nude leering from the chandelier above the stairwell is ok with it... yikes!

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