September 16, 2010

animal totems



Tithi Kutchamuch's amazing work has certainly captured my imagination.

Her Companion Parrot & Secret Friend series are so very lyrical & touching, without a touch of preciousness.

from her website:

My dog died a month before I got back to my parent home.
I would love to bring her everywhere with me if I could.

Simple jewellery as a part of home that you can bring with, keep them save and take them home.

Her exquisite craftsmanship & uncommon imagination, combined with her thoughtful & ingenious approach to design make for such unique & distinctive pieces. Check out her website for  a slew of inventive & inspiring projects. Truly wonderful. I'm gushing.


  1. It's mind boggling to me that someone can create such intriguing and complex work out of the non. It's beyond modest that she refers to her pieces as 'simple'. What an amazing artist.
    In her bio it says she grew up with a hedgehog...
    nuff said :)

  2. A hedgehog - of course!

    The sheer amount of output, all so well thought out & well done... I find her absolutely impressive. I'm not sure if I feel inspired, or humbled. Or both.

    Thanks, Sylvie & Michelle - I so admire both of you!


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