October 28, 2010

deep paper cut

Peter Callesen's ethereal paper cuts are made from the ubiquitous A4 paper that usually carries a much less enchanting, 2-dimensional message. I love that he works the whole sheet of paper into each of his pieces, the delicate forms nestled in the resulting negative space as though they magically popped up out of the plain white field whence they came.

from here


  1. These are delightful..!

    (And your bungalow and garden..! I peeked at the Flickr set. Simply gorgeous.)


  2. Thank you so very much, VS - we downsized from a 1600 sq ft loft to a slightly less than 900 sq ft bungalow, so it has taken some adjustment, though as I'd mentioned, it has overall been a positive move. I do love how much more efficient it is (our incentive for moving), & have always admired bungalows & architectural details from the early 20th century in general. We didn't have a garden space at the loft, so it is so very exciting to have a little patch of earth to grow food on & an outdoor space to relax - huge!! I have been following your blog closely for inspiration... next up we have some painting to do, so I will post pics. Merci!

  3. Aren't they marvelous, Tera? I love when the commonest of materials are made into something magical. He's so inspiring!


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