November 19, 2010

borrowing from the boys

The tailoring & fabric of classic menswear works so well for women, creating an undeniably sexy yet refined, classic look. Smart, strong & gorgeous.

R. Mapplethorpe


  1. i am looking for a hat like this one in the 2nd image. stylish!

    have a wonderful weekend

  2. All so very cute. I need a good pair of wool pants. Something well tailored. Hmmmm have my mind spinning with ideas :>

  3. Oh, that hat - yes! So chic!

    Ooh, Tera, keep me posted on what you find :)

    I have a pair of wool wide-legged pants that have been languishing in my closet for a few years now, but after seeing the pics of Katharine Hepburn & Lauren Bacall, I think I need a blousy, silky shirt to go with...


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