November 9, 2010

the writing's on the wall

I am fanatical about type & fonts, with a love for old letterpress, preferring traditional modes of typeset & printing & the tactile result when print is approached as craft. In the past I have been known to paint a favorite poem in the corner of my bedroom from ceiling to floor, so it wended its way down the wall in a tiny column I could read every day; I hand-lettered our wedding invitations myself, & printed them on hand-made Japanese paper that was packaged with the help of a wonderfully game friend who wielded hot sealing wax & a brass stamp like a pro. Fonts have found their way into my scrimshaw work, & old books have long been a source of inspiration for my artwork. I love seeing the hand in things, & the very personal end result when there are visible clues to the process involved.

I am smitten with how this undulating wire quote unwinds along the wall, like a train of thought. Time to get out the pliers & wire cutters...

& the workspace itself isn't too shabby, either!

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