January 14, 2011

live to work

found a new site obsession...

This beautiful Brooklyn loft is home to Patrick Weder & Tamika Rivera, artist/furniture designer & artist/designer, respectively.

What don't I love about this place? It has great light, great floors, beautiful details (the pressed tin beneath the cabinets in the bedroom, the undulating rough wood kitchen countertop with rippled galvanized steel skirt, wooden beams), loads of art, has work areas integrated into the living space & is furnished with smart & elegant furniture designed by Mr. Weder himself, flecked with vintage pieces & topped off with a cat. The blackboard & anthropomorphic light fixture above the kitchen sink are killing me, in an appreciative-green-with-envy sort of way.

an afternoon with is a wonderful selby-like site where photographer Michael Mundy visits homes & takes unstyled, natural-looking photos of interiors & their inhabitants. Like peeping through windows at night to see how people have decorated, minus the potential lawsuits.

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  1. OMgosh! That first photo has a cookie tin very similar to mine. I love that desk,I also love that sewing machine tucked in a corner. Oh yes, a very nice place to live.

  2. awesome cookie tin - the care that went into the design of vintage tins just can't be beat. & that desk & sewing machine did me in as well!


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