February 21, 2011

creating at home

Beautiful space, beautiful creations & beautiful creators. These are the talented women behind The Jewels of New York, a catering company that has both their product & aesthetic down. Not only do I love their mouth-watering & visually striking approach to creating menus based on local & seasonal offerings, their space is definitely a place in which I could feel at home & creative. Gorgeous.

Paul Barbera's ambient photographs of their home kitchen are part of his Where They Create project, where he visits artists & photographs the spaces they work in. As he states in his notes, this particular foray, being different than the usual style story he seeks out, is the very reason he likes it.

Just the inspiration I need as I embark on my own little venture... 

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more photos of their home here


  1. I love how intimate the space is. I love these photos, such a story and so evocative. Made my Monday happy!

  2. Mine, too - thanks, Tera! Funny thing is, J & I had just talked about how to launch & approach my chocolate business, & I happened upon this story minutes afterward, uncannily mirroring almost precisely what I'd had in mind. Serendipity!


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