February 2, 2011

bookshelf envy

We've been getting trounced by more snow in New England, inspiring us to delve further into our wintry ways as we more often than not curl up with a good book after eating a hearty dinner & (yet again) shoveling. Oftentimes, I find myself wanting to reference a book or read a passage of which an event or thought has sparked a memory, only to realize that very book is packed away in the attic.

Oh, how I look with envy at the photos on bookshelf porn, a blog I could easily get lost in, which will one day provide inspiration for the perfect shelves to house our little army of books waiting patiently upstairs.


  1. All dream spaces, every single one of them!! Waiting for our snow but either way I am taking tomorrow off because we have cozy food to make.

  2. Yes, I would take any one of these spaces!

    Ooooh - snow for you! Glad to hear you're taking the day off - what are you going to make?

  3. Book spaces are the best .... love your selections !!!


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