March 11, 2011

happy weekend

Japan, Libya & all of Northern Africa are in my thoughts. Wishes for peace, safety, equanimity & aid. My heart goes out to you.


  1. I was at the gym on Saturday when images of all the world's devestation flashed on CNN as I worked a treadmill then REM's It's the End of the World came on and I just about died. It was a very uncomfortable and awkward moment that no one else seemed to be sharing with me and I was overwhelmingly sad. I just had to leave with a prayer.

  2. Oh, Tera - my heart hurts thinking about it. What an absolute nightmare - while I'm very happy & relieved to hear that friends with family & friends in Japan have reported that all of their loved ones are safe, so many people are experiencing a loss in this event; in addition to the human loss, the devastation of historical temples & other ancient, sacred sites & natural areas, it's almost too much to imagine. And Northern Africa & the Middle East, & people risking their lives to have their voices heard & hope for a better life for themselves... it is hard to feel hopeful, but be hopeful we must.


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