April 20, 2011

for the birds

We started our Sunday with a hearty brunch at the charming Sparrow (Le Moineau) in the Mile End. It being Spring, they had a special Sugar Shack prix fixe menu which was delicious, right down to the Maple Syrup on snow served for dessert.

Unicorn --> Lola & Emily

Riding the wave of Spring fever that has gripped the city, regardless of the brisk temperatures & chilly winds, I went into one of my favorite Mile End shops, Unicorn, which stocks a fantastic array of stylish & beautifully made women's clothing, mostly by Canadian designers.

These ladies have a great eye, the well-curated racks stocked with smart & casually sophisticated designs. Neutral-colored & textured fabrics in classic & contemporary cuts caught my eye, with silky draped tops & a rack of striped tees that look like something out of a modern version of an Anna Karina film. I could have gladly re-vamped my wardrobe in one fell swoop with tops & dresses by Covet, Dace, Josiane Perron, Mélissa Nepton, Eve Gravel & Lifetime. The accessories are inventive & funky, my favorite pieces hand-crafted by jewelry designers Tamé, La Raffinerie & LaLaYeah. The Unicorn blog is kept up-to-date with their latest finds & offerings, if you need any temptation.

Further on down St. Laurent in the Plateau is Lola & Emily, another favorite stop of mine. Here the palette was more saturated & the patterns more floral & spring-fresh, housed in vintage cottage-style decor. I fancy the lovely frocks & tops by Designers Remix, the luxe line by Velvet's cofounders Graham & Spencer, Parker, Filippa K & Toronto's Mercy. Now we just need the weather to go with!

Alas, my shopping spree will have to wait until sometime in the future, until I get my own business ventures up & running. But, when I make my fortunes, I'll know where to go to outfit my wardrobe, regardless of the season.

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