April 7, 2011

public art

This past weekend J & I walked along the little street (which is really more like an alley) that used to take us to the back entrance of our building when we lived in the loft space. I loved walking home this way, not only because it immediately whisked me off the hustle & bustle of our busy little main street, but because with one small turn you were next to the river & train tracks, which are still in use. While we lived there, the road fronted a beautiful old hydroelectric building that had been converted into gorgeous living spaces, as well as a floating pool, & small theatre & performance area, by the same architect who designed our loft. The building, for reasons unknown to me, was vacated, & has remained so for a few years now, quickly falling into disrepair & looking very derelict.

I also used to love seeing the new graffiti that would crop up along the sides of the aforementioned building & others that abutted the road, although now it has become so dense with architectural marginalia that it looks a bit more wistful than lively, juxtaposed on the unoccupied spaces.

I still love the wit & style that comes across from so many different artistic voices & personalities who leave their mark behind. Because the road is relatively secluded & alongside train tracks, the area attracts a lot of travelers, or modern-day hobos, & local young people with an artistic bent who visibly take a lot of pride in the messages & images they paint & stencil. In addition to the constant parade of art that would go by our windows on the side of trains, I've really appreciated this outdoor gallery our town has unwittingly created.

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  1. My now "old" neighborhood went crazy after teen taggers recently. I found a spot on the side of my studio that had been tagged. It was a pretty, perfect, painted white canvas for them. Had to leave it!


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