April 24, 2011

the streets of new york

Our week's+ holiday found us in two of my favorite North American cities: Montréal & New York. On our way to Manhattan we stopped off in the lovely little town of Beacon, located along the Hudson River & home to a branch of the Dia Art Foundation, which houses an excellent collection of contemporary art in an old Nabisco box printing facility that was built in 1929.


After exploring the museum & grounds, we hopped the train to New York, & landed in Grand Central Station. I hadn't been to New York in a bit, so during our peregrinations about the city (10+ miles one day!) I didn't shoot many photos, but preferred to take it all in in a larger scope, as opposed to the tiny box of my camera's viewfinder. It was invigorating to see bicycles whizzing along the bike lanes, & tulips, dogwoods, magnolias & cherry blossoms exploding everywhere after cold & blustery days up North.

As someone who considers themselves both a city-dweller & rural-enthusiast, balancing the desire for both worlds can be a dance. Prior to Vermont, we'd both lived in cities, & our getaways usually involved going into the wilderness or countryside for a hit of nature & the bucolic. Now that we live in a beautiful small town in the heart of New England, we find ourselves making regular excursions to cities. We've resolved to make it down this way more often, since nothing quite quenches the thirst for the city like New York.

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