July 12, 2011

sticks and bricks

Pioneer Valley shop sticks and bricks, run by a talented duo who rescues old furniture & gives pieces new life by reupholstering & refinishing them, adding their unique artistic touches: poems hammered onto tabletops with letterpress tiles; flowers & designs etched into surfaces, then left raw when the rest of the piece is painted or stained; shelves & cupboards re-imagined into quirky & comely different functional pieces.

I always make a point of stopping in when in Northampton, Massachusetts, to see the latest projects they've dreamed up, as well as browse their wonderful collection of jewelry, housewares & art made by local artists & artisans.

The sticks and bricks team also did the interior design along with a team of local artisans for local café roost - worth checking out for its beautiful farmhouse-industrial chic.

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  1. OOOOOOO-OOOOOO-OOOOOO I want to spend so much money here!!! I love these pieces.

  2. Oh, agreed, agreed. Makes me want to clear out my house & start all over again with a spree at their shop!


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