August 10, 2011

hold on

I'm taking the week off to spend time with friends & family in the wake of a tragedy that has rocked our little tight-knit community, & yet another untimely death that has touched many. Peace & love to all.


  1. I am sincerely so sorry. My deepest condolences.

  2. Thank you, thank you, dear. It has been a tough week, & prior to this a vibrant young woman was shot & killed in a drug-related incident. Since we live in such a small town, everyone seems to have some personal connection to these tragedies. I did graphic design work for the coop for a few years until a few months ago, so I worked with the man who got killed, & knew & worked with the man who did the shooting. I've got a great support group, thankfully, & am doing my best to be there for others.


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