October 28, 2011

rough linens, sweet dreams

I love the look & feel of rough linen, & Tricia Rose's shop by the same name is heavenly. Inspired by a remarkably intact pillow slip made by her Scottish great-grandmother in 1840 & subsequently used by three generations, Tricia makes handsome duvet covers & bed linens out of the same type of hand-loomed stuff. I love her pairing of raw linen with the more refined white - brilliant. 
our linen-clad bed

A few years ago, before discovering her wares, I made a duvet cover out of unrefined linen with mother-of-pearl button enclosures for our bedroom, to match our Italian linen shams. When tumbled dry it is soft & has a pleasing heft, & has proven sturdy enough to take the claws of a couple of affectionate, kneading cats without showing a sign of wear. Our bedroom yearns for a crisp white rough linen sheet...


  1. I only recently discovered linen for the bed by way of two shams I found this summer. Love them! So now it is all I want.

  2. That's how it happened for me :)


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