November 22, 2011

northern lights

Saturday night's fashion fundraiser proved to be a fabulous time. The challenge posed to regional designers was to choose items from the vintage shops that provide the majority of the funding for our local Hospice organization's programs, & rework them into completely new designs. The craftsmanship & imagination on display were truly awe-inspiring. The show was topped off by a Boston designer whose designs literally lit up the runway. The show of support for Hospice was overwhelming, from the food, decor, auction items & designers to the turnout of ticket-holders & supporters. I was happy to contribute a dark chocolate pâté flavored with Irish Whiskey & garnished with dried apricots. Cheers to everyone who made the night a huge success!

photo by a student at Hallmark Institute of Photography

Oh, & what was I wearing? Well, I thought you'd never ask: Moschino Cheap & Chic, with burnished gold Anne Klein pumps, & a gorgeous gold tooled Italian leather clutch that I found at Experienced Goods. And an intensely blank expression - ha!


  1. Stylish, elegant, beautiful YOU!

  2. Aw, coming from beautiful YOU that's a big compliment!! Merci, my dear!


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