March 8, 2012

tantric modernism

At first glance these might appear to be newly discovered works by abstract master Robert Ryman or suprematist maestro Kasimir Malevich. They are, in fact, Tantric paintings by Hindu devotees from a tradition dating back as far as the 1600s. Franck André Jamme, French poet & traveler, began collecting pieces of this nearly forgotten artistic tradition while on expedition in India in the 1980s. Tantra Song, available at Siglio Press, is a published collection of Jamme's finds, uncannily modern feeling works with timeless devotional & spiritual qualities.

In Jamme's words:

Perhaps rarely in the universal history of painting have works at once so mysterious and simple, yet so powerful and pure, ever been produced – a bit as if, here, man's genius had been able to assemble almost  everything in almost nothing.

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