April 26, 2012

invisible cities

This past weekend we took another trip to MassMoCA to see Invisible Cities, an exhibition by ten artists who use the dreamlike premise of Italo Calvino's seminal book as a jumping off point to contemplate & re-imagine urban landscapes & architecture. Ruminating on how cityscapes exist or continue to exist for us long after we have actually set foot in them, or come to know them through their histories & more recent events, the exhibition explores the power of memory, narrative, history, the media & lingering sensory cues in constructing & re-constructing the geography of our experiences.

According to Architect Aldo Rossi: In order to be significant, architecture must be forgotten, or must present only an image for reverence which subsequently becomes confounded with memories.

pieces pictured above by

Sopheap Pich

Diana Al-Hadid

Lee Bul, last photo sharing the space with Joseph Beuys

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