April 10, 2012

old school

Seeing photos people have been putting up on Pinterest taken with vintage cameras has made me nostalgic for my old rangefinder. Images created with Yashica Electro-35gs have such a distinctive atmosphere & such depth of focus, & the anticipation of waiting for the final prints to materialize before you really know what you captured was pretty magical. These shots are from various locales in Europe in the late 80s & mid-90s, & this is how I still see Europe, even with newer & sharper images to supplant these memories. My formative camera years!


  1. These are great. I had a car just like in the first pic - it was red and called Darling Niki...

  2. Thanks, Greer - Darling Niki - fabulous. I wanted to bring a little green Polski Fiat back with me so badly. There were just a few available colors in Poland at the time, but everyone had one. I loved looking out of the window in my high-rise to see a little sea of them patterning the parking lots. Why I never took a photo of that, I will never know...


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