June 6, 2012

au grand air

We came home to a jungly yard with our scattering of summertime tables & chairs tucked into little green nooks, waiting in the rain for clear skies & glasses of wine. While I miss the buzzing sidewalk cafés of Montréal, I do love our little quiet patch of green. There's nothing like being out of doors to decompress after a busy day, or to enjoy time with friends, sharing good food & raising a glass or three.

I found these images especially lovely, adding human comforts to the arresting beauty found outside. Cheers!

via : 1 & 2. apartment therapy // 3. barefoot travel // 4. unknown // 5. outdoor sanctuaries // 6. kiyoaki


  1. hey! #2 is freeman's restaurant! one of my very favorite places! as usual we have taste overlap!


  2. cool! i've never been, really want to go, & now really, really want to!


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