June 13, 2012

les chocolats de chloé

We always stop at our favorite chocolate shops while in Montréal, & Les Chocolats de Chloé certainly rates as one of my most revered. Tucked away in the Plateau on cobbled Duluth, Chloé's shop is cozy & hip, a neatly stocked little gem with a beautiful array of chocolate truffles, tablets, turtles, chocolate covered sponge toffee, drinking chocolate, sauces, praline-filled molded chocolate sardines, cocoa & pastilles. Her packaging & logo are whimsical & simple, with a line drawing of the chocolatier herself on a vibrant color-blocked background; her truffle decorations are simple as well, elegantly giving one a subtle clue as to what is waiting to be tasted inside.

Most importantly, what really impresses are the ganaches. Their texture is incredibly smooth & silky, & the freshest fruits & spices create flavorful combinations that play well with the Valrhona couverture & base (Manjari, I believe, the tangy & fruity notes lending themselves best to the fruit & spicy pepper offerings, like the espelette, banana, & passionfruit, in my opinion). The flavors are full & intense, but nicely balanced as they hit different places on your tongue & blend well with the rich chocolate counterpoints.

The woman behind the counter, not Chloé this time but a very knowledgeable chocolate enthusiast nonetheless, was wonderful, spending a lot of time with us & sharing information & a few samples. We left with a selection to take home, as well as gifts for friends, our last piece savored this past Sunday evening. We need to start planning our next trip up north...

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