July 27, 2012

blueprints of memory

Slovenian artist Miha Strukelj's site-specific installation, created for the Invisible Cities exhibition at MassMoCA, is comprised of intricate architectural line drawings of a city that he deems "imaginary", only in that it is a composite of many different cities he has visited or lived in. Exploring how memory relates to our experience of place, Strukelj starts with photographs he has taken in various cities around the world, then patches them together to create a wholly new urban space.

The drawings are noticeably devoid of people; Strukelj leaves a blank space where humans had appeared in his photographs, illustrating the flux of people & their constant movement within the relative stillness of the architecture. For MassMoCA's installation, Strukelj used the space to create three-dimensional elements by adding cables that extend his drawn lines into the physical space of the room, further enveloping the viewer in the piece itself.

more here

photos by yours truly

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