July 11, 2012

new revolutionists

Laura Burhenn, singer-songwriter & frontwoman for the Mynabirds, has launched a photographic campaign to capture images of modern female revolutionaries. Launched in conjuction with their latest album, Generals, The New Revolutionists was inspired by the album's namesake photograph, Richard Avedon's The Generals of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Unlike the rather smug looking woman bedecked in their sashes & finery, Burhenn's vision of a revolutionary is someone who is ready for action, & not afraid to get their hands dirty in the process. The portraits she is collecting are commissioned on a nominative basis, and, according to Burhenn:

... are visually inspired by Avedon’s classic portraiture, Native American and soldier portraits, and iconic photos of notable women who are looking directly into the camera with an intensity, a ferocity — total and clear vision — and power. The image is meant to capture the spirit of a woman the instant before she would go into a metaphoric battle for everything she believes in.
...this project aims to shine a light on women making a difference — often on shoestring or nonexistent budgets — in their own communities all over America, despite the powers that be.

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