July 16, 2012

sultry summer days

Another heat wave has descended upon us, which may be just as well since I injured my back & must slow down & allow it to heal (ha! easier said than done - I think my patience ran out after all of one day). I'm sad to miss out on showing some new friends who are visiting from across the pond around our beautiful surroundings.

Fresh line-dried muslin sheets, which I'd hand-stamped with one of my favorite antique Indian woodblocks, helped keep us cool & our little sleeping nook cheerful, & will hopefully help melt my grumpiness away. That, good films & iced drinks (with a kick) should do the trick for a bit. Well, here's to un-planned mini-vacations of sorts!


  1. ahh...booo....what the heck...
    wishing you quick healing my love....

  2. Oh noooooooooooo...I hope things have improved since you posted this. More specifically your back. Being ill in the summer is the worst. Your photos are so dreamy and I want to jump into them! I just love clotheslines.

  3. Thanks, lovely - things are improving, I'm just a really bad patient, an IMpatient. And thank you - I love summer light; these past few days have been crisp, clear high 70s-low 80s, the kind of weather I remember while growing up in the North Country. We took a short hike yesterday, which felt great. And clotheslines - yes! I do hope you have a spot to hang out some linens where you are living now - nothing like line-dried sheets, & sweet little baby clothes hanging in the sunshine :) xxoo


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