December 8, 2012

the event of a thread

Ann Hamilton's latest exhibition, the event of a thread, combines theater, audience participation & performance art to create a multi-sensory installation. Housed in the expansive Wade Thompson Drill Hall at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City, a billowing white curtain suspended from the rafters sways & undulates as visitors to the exhibition swing, while two people seated at a desk amongst cooing pigeons read from texts, the resulting narrative broadcast through paper-wrapped radios that visitors pick up & carry around as they move about the exhibition.

If you happen to be there when they shut the exhibition in the evening, the pigeons are released from their desk-top cages where they fly through the hall to their nighttime perch in the rafters, creating their own singular version of the piece as they stir the curtain & fill the room with the beating of their wings.

more here & here


  1. I found this really beautiful. Anything involving birds does that to me.


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