July 13, 2010

on film

Recently I stumbled upon the delightful Tell Love & Chocolate's Girl with Camera series, & have been following the links & admiring the lovely, modern & creative work being done with vintage cameras.

It took me a long time to abandon my luddite ways, but since I bought my first digital cameral I haven't shot a roll of film, eventually going so far as to purchase the digital version of my Canon SRL.

A few more vintage cameras have recently been added to my fleet, & I am inspired to buy film & start taking photos the old-fashioned way again.

Here is a way to perhaps satisfy both worlds, by taking photos with your digital rig through the view finder of a vintage camera, aptly named Through the View Finder photography, or TtV. All it takes, apparently, is a cracker box & some duct tape to create a light-free tunnel that spans the digital & film divide.

Stay tuned for posts chronicling a new photographic adventure in the near future...

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