July 12, 2010

hello, old friend

Ah, we meet again... I still have the issue of Marie Claire Maison that featured Fréderic Méchiche's loft in the Marais district of Paris, it made my heart beat so when I first laid eyes on it in the 1990s, so I was very pleased to have it appear before my eyes this week online.

1960s modern paired with 18th Century classicism? Now that's my kind of death-defying design feat, & he pulls it off so ably. A wall of books. Classic black & white softened by brown. Herringbone & beautifully aged wood floors. A museum-worthy art collection nestled so naturally & comfortably amongst chic yet livable furnishings - again, balance, so beautifully done. A decade later, & it still looks absolutely fresh to me.

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