July 10, 2010

today is a good day

first garlic of the season harvested

We woke up this morning to the sound of rain, refreshing relief after several days of intense, wilting heat, & headed south into the Massachusetts Pioneer Valley for breakfast.

my appetizer, a moist, rich chocolate mint cupcake

Café Evolution is a wonderful vegan restaurant in Florence, and is the present home of Oh Sweet Mama Bakery, legendary for their delectable baked goods that make vegans & non-vegans alike swoon. As hearty & delicious as chef Heather Bergeron's offerings are, I can't help but start off my meal with a cupcake, then proceed to fill myself to bursting with the yummy main course that was being prepared in the meantime.

Further on down the road, with bellies full & tastebuds happy, we drove into Northampton, & happened upon this fellow:

bullfrog out of his element

We weren't about to leave this little guy sitting on a curb in the middle of a busy town parking lot, so mustering up my childhood talent for frog-catching, I got down to work, & I'm happy to report that I've still got it!

handsome fellow, probably not terribly happy at this moment

Said frog was snatched up in one fell swoop, & after a few quick photos, we released him into a swampy little wooded area on the side of the lot, where we suspected he had come from.

My husband tells me that when I see a frog my face lights up & I look blissfully happy. Funny how some things never change...

my brother & I, filthy & blissfully happy
& yes, the frog was released shortly thereafter

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