July 12, 2010

the bounty begins

I imagine my posts for a bit may be heavy on all things involving the garden & the meals it inspires; it is summer, after all, & it would be an understatement to say that I'm a little excited about growing our own food.

Today we harvested our first zucchini, a harbinger for many, many more to come, so it's time to pull out the cookbooks & start imagining a variety of possible recipes for future meals.

Tonight also marked the first fresh pesto of the season, as we harvested the rest of the garlic, 15 in all (two were twins)

& the first round of basil, which grew voraciously in the recent hot & humid weather. I made a rustic basil pesto with walnuts, which we ate on chilled pasta with a salad of fresh mixed lettuce greens, also from the garden, for the perfect summer meal.

And, of course, edibles are not the only wonderful things growing right now...

A feast for the eyes & belly alike.

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