January 7, 2011

happy weekend

We're bracing ourselves for another snow storm on the East Coast here, & the flurries have just started as I sip a little hot cocoa with a pinch of cayenne. Tomorrow I have an appointment with a friend who is a wonderful portrait artist - I'm so very flattered that she asked me to sit for her, & am excited to see the results! Here's a little homage to the "fleurs du mal" wallpaper which will disappear shortly from our bath... 
Have a lovely weekend, everyone - any plans?


  1. You have a wonderful blog. I love the ideas, the images and writing.
    I hope your sitting for the portrait went really well. I am looking forward to see the result :)

  2. You must show us the finished portrait! BTW this image gave me funny dreams the other day. I enjoyed them :>

  3. Tera - Heehee - we had to postpone the sitting because of another snow storm last Saturday! Great for snowshoeing, bad for art!

    I can only imagine what those dreams were like...!

    Olga - thank you so much! I will definitely post either a link or image when the portrait is done. & I am so very happy to be acquainted with your wonderful blog :)


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