January 6, 2011

illuminated upholstery

I love the idea of re-using fabric such as burlap grain sacks to reupholster furniture, what with the fantastic images & fonts that are often imprinted on them advertising coffee & flour companies from around the world. However, I have always wondered, having some first-hand experience lounging on bags of green coffee beans from the days when my husband roasted coffee, how comfortable that would actually be, especially on a hot, humid summer day. A new printing technology developed by a couple of members of the Los Angeles artist collective The Brewery have made printing bright & clear images on more lounge-friendly fabrics possible. Even better, the technology creates vivid images without any chemical treatment or process. Using the process on recycled fabrics - now that's a match made in heaven. 

I do still plan on making a stack of floor pillows from coffee bags for extra indoor & outdoor seating - bean bag chairs, anyone?

check out LUMI CO here

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  1. Bags used to transport books between libraries and from publishers to libraries were once made of strong burlap and canvas. They would have Aire France, Japan and such printed on them in wonderful, black, bold fonts and come in shades of ivory and olive green. I made floor pillows out of several and then I used the onces from France as a rustic looking table cloth. I broke up with the guy I was with at the time and they were left behind for some reason. They don't use those bags anymore, it's some sort of plastic. I wish I had that fabric today.

  2. Wow - how wonderful that they were once made of burlap & canvas - I hope that "progress" in the coffee industry doesn't mean switching away from burlap bags to one of those plastic composite fabrics.

    And it's funny & completely understandable that breakups most often create wistfulness not for that person, but for some of the objects that got lost along the way. Record albums & photos also come to mind when pondering the stuff that gets lost.


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