May 11, 2011

a shed of one's own

A gardening shed would be nice, but a writing or painting shed is more up my alley. I've seen Thoreau's in person, & have read much about Woolf's, both eliciting a longing for a little hut, a secluded space separate from home, a place to get away & get to work. Like these forts for grownups & gypsy wagons, a small base that is off-limits to others is not just the stuff of children, but creative people as well. Perhaps that childlike need is part of the secret of creativity.

I love that Shaw named his shed "London", so that when he was working & directed his staff to tell inquirers that he was in London, they wouldn't be lying.

George Bernard Shaw's London
Roald Dahl's Gipsy House
Virginia Woolf's writing shed

Dylan Thomas' writing hut
Henry David Thoreau's writing cabin

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