July 19, 2011

full rein

If I had a horse, one of these gorgeous hand-tooled halters would be the star of his wardrobe.

Linny Kenney, a professional vocalist & musician, learned the art of leather working from a master while living in California. She & her Arabian horse, Sojourner, & best friend, Walter, embarked on a road trip in 2010, riding the 3,700 miles across the United States from her current home in California, to her childhood home in New Hampshire. She & Walter fell in love during the journey & have since married, a fact I found even more poignant when I read that she had dedicated her travels to divorce-related depression.

Be sure to visit her etsy shop to see the beautiful pieces she crafts for humans, too. I am quite smitten with the winged cuff...

find Linny's blog here

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